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Welcome to the Official website of Author: Tabitha Robin Pike. Please take time and look around and see all the amazing stuff this site has to offer. Travel the path that is not so often walked, experiance Death to Life through the words that are hidden within Tabitha's books. She often writes secret messages, and symbolism within her work. If you are willing to review a book, we will email you a ebook of any book of your choice as long as you make a promise to post your reviews on Amazon and Lulu. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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The Man in the Attic (Sept. 15th 2011)

A young handsome solider that fought in War World 3, loses everything in his life.

The entire world was fighting one another, we the American's where lucky to even have one county on our side. During many attacks on America, from different duo countries and nations, we lost millions of people. During the war world 3, this handsome 25 year old solider named Kai Jordon Winchester  loses his mother, father, 2 brothers, his sister and his expecting wife of 3 years. His family was killed when an X-T- bomb was dropped on his hometown in Atlanta Georgia. 

Kai was injured in battle and was sent home. When Kai returned home, there was nothing left. His family and home was gone. He had no money, no clothes, no place to sleep. So Kai does what must be done. He finds a place to sleep. He decides to live in an attic of an old house far back in the woods. While living in the attic, a beautiful dark haired beauty buys the home. She moves in, and Kai has to figure out what he is to do now. Kai decides to move about while she is gone, and sleep while she is home or at least be so quite she does not even know he is there. This beautiful woman has a baby German shepherd with her as she moves. It is up to Kai to make friends with the pup before it grows up as sees him as the enemy. It takes every skill he has ever learn to live quietly in the attic of this American beauty's home without being discovered.


  1. KAI: Short form of Frisian Kaimbe, meaning "warrior." Compare with other forms of Kai.


Sometime my mind works in over time. Before I get a book finished I have about 10 new ideas for more books. It is like there is two of me. Here on Brainstorm you will be able to see my upcoming ideas for books. They are the books that are still within my mind. It is my Writing in the Mind of Imagination. These are my project ideas. As I get an idea, I brainstorm it and jot it down in an old notebook until the time is right. Once the time is right, It starts forming into a book, then it is published. So if you want to find out what lingers in the imagination and mind of me, just read the ideas below. 


If you would like to make a comment on any of the Brainstorm Ideas. Please Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Your Comments are appreciated.

All ideas on this page have been copyrighted by Tabitha R. Pike . No materiel on this page may be reproduced in any form or fashion.
For some reason I decided to retire and idea, I may give it to a writer that wishes to proceed in writing the story. I will then email you the plot and the idea of what I had in mind. If you are interested in any ideas that have been retired please email me with permission to use the idea. The only thing ask of the author that takes on a retired project is to put my name in the Acknowledgements along with my website and email. "I will post Retried, by any book idea that I don't wish to pursue any longer."

Life Line (Added on Aug. 27th 2011)

 A young man is turned into a vampire against his will. His cold black heart is not the same after his death. He longs to be alive once again. After he meets a beauty mysterious woman his life is changed forever. Once the vampire clan finds out about this woman and her strange ability and effect on this vampire the clan wants her dead. To protect his new love he will do anything, and he learns that love has no limits.

People of the Dark

People of the Dark , "In Progress" A book about a ancient race of beings living among us on this earth. They where born from a female phoenix. They are borne with strange eyes, such as the iris are strange colors with the pupils are shapes, like stars, lighting bolts, heart, and other things. With each different pupil shape that being takes on certain powers that magistrate that shape.  Main Character is named Willow, she is a very intelligent. She graduated college at the age of 17 and now is a specialist surgerent at one of the best hospitals in the world.

Ashes to Ashes Dust to Dust

A beautiful young teacher that holds a strange secret that is revealed upon her sudden death. She teaches Scientific Paranormal Investigation at a prestigious school in Cincinnati Ohio. After a her strange death all that ever knew her is invited to the reading of her will. In her will  her body is to be cremated and her ashes are to be put in a small vile and made into  of necklaces. Each person that ever knew the teacher is to receive a necklace with a portion of her ashes in it. Once the necklaces are worn strange things start to happen. The heirs discover the secrets that the young teacher had kept hidden her whole life. Now in death, her Ashes will not let them forget her.

Sue Haley

A story about a young woman named Sue Haley of the age of 18.The story is set during the World War 1, or World War 2, have not decided as of yet. This young lady has a brother that gets killed in the war. She is upset and distraught. She decides to changes her appearance.  She then goes into battle as a man. While in the war, battling she falls in love with a solider, but the problem with that is, he thinks she is a young man. She faces many dangers and many things in the war.

(How she pulls it off)

Sue Haley lives with her family. They live close to a boot camp that prepares soldiers for war. She sneaks through the backwoods and watches the training. She begins to  practices by her self in the woods. Later she sneaks aboard a military truck dressed in uniform. She got the uniform because she applied for a job in laundry detail for the army. She was one of the laundry ladies that helped wash the soldier's uniforms. She sneaks and puts a uniform aside that is her size. Later on she sneaks onto  a truck that is taking the soldiers to the airport to board a army plane to be dropped out in the middle of the war. 

three times a charm

A young woman falls into a trap of what she thinks is love. Married three times, she endeavors some strange things. It is a roller coaster ride of good and evil. A love story that is three times a charm.

Can Man

 A Novel about a serial killer that kills his victims with aluminum cans. 

Cloud Runner

A man that can transform into a cloud. He can sit high above a city unknown. He absorbs people's tears and turns them into rain. When the tears rain back down it creates overwhelming joy. A love story, with a lot of action.

The Hobo

"The Hobo" will be more frightening the Stephen King's IT. A Phantom hobo, evil and wicked in every form  possible known to man and beyond man's comprehension, comes "The Hobo". A Man once known as Luther Sixx leaves his eerie mark on ma kind by terrorizing the innocence that is still resides inside each human begin on the face of the earth. This idea will one day become a book for you to read, and when that day comes, "The Hobo" will make you want to crawl under your bed and hide. You will want to curl up and cry from fear, and you will not want to sleep in the dark no more.This will be beyond anything that you have ever read or experienced  before. Stay tuned for updates on this brilliant idea. I want to give special thanks to Dorothy and Jimmy for helping give me this amazing idea. Kudos to you both.  

Black Widow

"Black Widow"

 A true story of a woman who experiences many horrors in her lifetime. After many strange happenings to some of her ex's, people start associating her with the Black Widow Curse. As time goes by the curse is basically all that she is known by,  Her name becomes obsolete. A War within a War, A battle within a Battle, She fights to bring back her good standing. A Underdog story of  overcoming the obstacles of  the Black Widow Name  and Curse. Fighting to show people that she does not carry the curse of the Black Widow. Trying to make people realize that the myth that has haunted her so long, is nothing but a old folk tale. But is it really? The only way to find out is to read the book. This is a true story, names in this book will be changed to protect the people that are mentioned in this book.

Murder by Design

A Man is found dead in his apartment. A lot of evidence is found at the crime scene. It is believed to have been a homicide? But was it really? An intelligent detective thinks it is a suicide.


Sketch is a young man that learns that he has the power to make his art come to life.


The Bus Daze

A book about crazy little things children do on a bus. It will blow your mind.


The disappearing twin syndrome. In 2020, they find a way to split the double DNA of a person that was suppose to be a twin. By doing this they can seperate them, creating two individual people.

The Author's Curse

The Author's Curse

          True Constant Waters was born in a small Royal town. Ashamed of the name her birth named, because everyone she meet always made awful jokes, she decided to spell her name differently. Trew instead of True. Even though she never went and changed it legally. True fell in love with a high school sweetheart and was married as soon as she was out of school. After marriage, True's last name changed from Waters to Rose.
       Now  True Constant Rose is an inspiring author, a mother of three and a wife. She fights a battle to get her works published. Although she has been self-published several times, she is looking for a "Big Time Publisher" to print her works. As she writes she becomes distressed, she is not able to live on her Self-Published Author's Revenues and economy is ruff. Friends and Family all around her are losing their jobs. She has to take on another job. She searches and searches for a job, but none seem available, because many plants and factories have shut down in her home town. With a blessing open to her she takes a job as a School Bus Driver. The hours are perfect and she loves the extra time to do what she loves best, write. After she completes her manuscript on a book that she thinks is one of the best out there, she begins looking for an agent. She also tries sending her book to some big time Publishing Companies. She then thinks the door is open for her and she gets the opportunity to meet with the largest Publishing Company in New York City.
         With a lot of work and a lot of saving, True finally saves up enough money to go to New York. Down on her luck, fighting with the Author's Curse, she thinks her family has quite standing behind her dreams. She feels no one is supporting her any more. Before she leaves to New York she speaks to her daughter about the way she feels and her teen daughter tells her "Mom, You can't give up. We are behind you. You have to break some legs, arms or poke some eyes out to get somewhere with your dreams."
          True Rose's manuscript "The Missing Link" had been turned down by over 100 agents, 100 publishing companies. Her book "The Missing Link" was not what the Publishing World wanted. They told her many times before that they were not looking for that kind of material. Maybe it was because it was based on true life. It has morals and values, and it also was based on Christian beliefs. No one wanted to publish a book that was real, No one wanted to publish a book that was about Faith in Christ. Many people would read the book and love it but no one wanted to give her a chance, but hopefully this would change once she meet with the Publishing Editors in New York.
         When she arrives in New York she rents her a nice motel and then heads out to meet with Two different Publishers. The first turns her down automatically. Holding on to a thin string she goes to meet with the Largest Publishing Editor in the World. When she arrives at his office and talks with him, her hopes are shattered. He also turns her down. When He laughed and said "Sorry, We are not looking for any new author's" True Rose breaks. She pulls out a handgun and takes the Publishing Editor hostage.
         During the time she holds this Editor hostage, the police surround the building. She devises a mater plan that spins out a web of desperation and deceit. She becomes famous within minutes, and her family are flown in to try to help. As this story twist and turns, it spins you to a new world of the Author's that write and never make it.

Stay tune for this idea becoming a new book very soon. As soon as the three books in Upcoming is complete, "The Author's Curse" will then take stage. Leaving everyone breathless and hoping for more.

"The Missing Link"

The Missing Link" is the book that True Constant Rose, fought so hard to get published in "The Author's Curse". This is a book within itself. So if you loved "The Author's Curse" then you will no doubt want to read this book.

"The Missing Link"

The missing link is about a man named John Cross. He is a man that is missing something in his life. He marries for the wrong reasons, and has a daughter named Brittany Hope Cross. After a messy divorce, he turns to drugs and alcohol; He feels that he has lost the only thing that was keeping him alive; His daughter. His life spins into a downward spiral, after losing his little girl. He dose not know why he keeps on. A void lingers in the center of his soul, that he can't seem to fill.

A child hood friend named Elizabeth Carr also encounters hardships. She was the outcast at school and always felt alone. Raised by a Preacher she was the oldest of three girls. She decided to become the black sheep of the family. She marries at a young age to a psycho man. She has three beautiful children. She also ends up on drugs so bad that she nearly looses everything. After a mentally and physical abusive relationship to a psychopath, she escapes with her life. She takes her children and tries to find herself.  She does her best to make a wonderful life for her three children, ???? (daughter's name), Jeremiah (son) and Robert (son), she still carries a deep dark void within her heart.

Ecclesiastes 4:8-12

But God has a different plan, He puts John Cross and Elizabeth Carr back in each others path. After not seeing each other since they were young a new love begins to grow between them. Elizabeth knowing that John is an alcoholic still loves him. She knows that there is more to him that what meets the eyes. She knew that God had his hand upon him. John and Elizabeth fall deeply in love and gets married. Even though times where tough and the alcohol caused many problems, they stuck it out.

After years of fighting with Alcoholism John Cross is delivered from this burden. God sets his plan in motion. Elizabeth and John Cross are called to open a Youth Center in their home town. They rent a building in town where they live. They put some pool tables and video games inside the building along with a food bar. They set up a stage for Live Christian Bands to play. It was a Christian haven for Young people to come on weekends, a safe place where they could come and hang out. A Place where the lost could find their way, A Place to be lead by God, A Place called "Minus One".

"Minus One" became the most popular place for the young people to come. Many children that were bound by drug addiction, and other sins were set free by the power of God.  Everyone always asked when they came through the door, Brother John Cross, "Why do you call this place Minus One". John replied, "Because we are always missing one more person. There is always room for one more, Just before you came here, we were minus you. Just like every other young adult that still hasn't come to the Lord, We are Minus One."

The Cross family continued to open "Minus One" every weekend. The little Youth group became so popular that Churches and towns around the world would email, write and call asking them to come visit their towns. The Cross family (Elizabeth and John Cross) began visiting towns all over the nation, and world, helping them to start a youth center of their own. Many people around the world can to the Lord because John and Elizabeth Cross follow the leading of the Lord.

So many adventures becomes of this story. Many trials and tribulations also arrive, but Still John and Elizabeth Cross keep on doing what they have been called to do. They finally found the "Missing Link". The void no longer abides in their lives. Fulfilled they live.  The adventures of being imprisoned, persecuted, and battery occur because The Cross family is preaching the Cross. If you want to find out what battles they endure keep your eyes out for this Brainstorm to become a real book.