drink a lot of coffee, and I am convinced my neighbors are the true Illuminati, Aka: People of the Dark, and Aka: child of the Phoenix with supernatural powers, though I have not seen their eyes up close. I also believe that if you listen closely you can hear the music in everything. Author of "Dragon Tears: The Legacy", "Dream: The Linking Stones", "The Burning Bush", and "Soulful Ink" Tabitha Robin Pike writes supernatural fantasy novels for both teens and adults.She drinks lots of coffee and she is convinced her neighbors are a people that are descendants of the Phoenix, though she hasn't seen their eyes up close to be sure. She also believes that if you listen closely you can hear the music of Life in everything. Most of all, no matter weather the story, show, movie, book, song that you hear is fiction and is not true, in all things you see, hear, say, do, and go has a Truth within it either hidden by a lie, secret or a false truth … That will help you if discovered to understanding what you need to know to have a Immortal Life. Tabitha married her best friend, her knight in shinning armor and her soulmate. They where united in holy matrimony in 2007 and still in the bliss of Love come true. They where childhood friends and grew up together, without ever mentioning to the other how they really felt about the other. Then as paths, roads and byways come and we travel, like so many in the past, They grew apart in distance but not in heart. In 2004 the hand of Fate crossed Their paths once again that come about during a moment that was trying. They Reconnected like they where never apart and they confessed their true feeling of each other and they took the opportunity to hold on to the one they knew which complete them and make them whole, there other half. Together they have 4 adult children, 1 daughter in law, and 2 beautiful grandchildren. They have also a full German blood line, German Shepherd Sir Zebidiah Samson who had become one of the family as well. Tabitha is a very creative person, she loves to write poetry , short stories, poetry, philosophy, fables, and quotes. She enjoys painting, crafting, refurbishing antiques and classics, drawing, crafting Dreamcatchers, and much much more. She loves to sing and create her own music, and songs and remix songs already written into lyrics that is a twist remix of the original version making it fit her soul and taste more properly. You can look her up on Pinterest and Face book as “The Mustard Tree Store” in which she protests her love for her creativeness and Cherokee heritage. [email protected] To find out more about her books in which she is offering several for free a download Ebook just for you to read and experience a new world of imaginativeness amazement. [email protected] Follow me on twitter under @tabithapike